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How do we build the lens through which we see the world?

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Humanity's Greatest Insight

Crain Brinton's farewell speech as the forty-year Chairman of Harvard’s Dept. of Intellectual History

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The Post-Contact Paradigm

Explore the Implications of Extra-Terrestrial Contact.

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Daniel Sheehan Speaking at Santa Cruz Free University November 7th, 2014

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  1. SANDY HALZ Reply


  2. Joey Kmiecik Reply

    Hello Danny Sheehan,

    In light if your recent talk at Laughlin, Nevada in November I would like to send some comments on my experiences that can relate to your discussions to be had under the New Paradigm Institute. To not go too far into detail, I have been engaged in the CE5 initiative under Dr. Steven Greer’s protocols for the last 2-3 years. The experience has been a roller coaster, but a system of communication has been established where the ET’s show their craft in my area of meditation in tune with my specific thoughts, questions, and presumptions. In doing this, I have learned many things. Some of those most important topics are: the ET’s are ready and willing to openly engage us in a peaceful and helpful manner, however it will only be by them meeting us half way – we must make their nature and presence clearly aware to the majority of the human family, either through citizen movements or government/political disclosure announcements (it is also clear that in either condition, the government leaders ultimately will end up having to announce, and that will really make it official for the people of earth; also that the origin of humanity is not properly understood – we didn’t actually rise out of the Earth as a species, and we likely were seeded from another planet, and/or are at our deepest levels of DNA purely universal beings, rather than being Earthly beings who are learning to break the boundary between us and the Galactic family (we already have the foundational capability in our very essence to engage and interact with ETs). I have taken the many lessons from my CE5 experiences, and from lectures from intelligent people in the field like yourself and Dr. Steven Greer, and incorporated them into my own art as a musician. My most recent album is titled “Project Disclosure” and can be found on my twitter page attached. I am also continuing day to day to have CE5 experiences under the stars and incorporate what I learn into new music. I hope your efforts with the New Paradigm Institute are fruitful and open new unforeseen doors.

    Thanks for your time.

  3. Kastara Parasava Reply

    Good morning Daniel Sheehan, (Boxing Day 26th),

    Am having a problem connecting to ROMERO INSTITUTE – a notice pops up “security or firewall setting might be blocking the connection” so will come in the backdoor with New Paradigm Institute to wish you a successive New Year and let us go forward together with ‘a school’ a physical location where all the students and teachers can come together in a safe environment from all over the world to present and formulate The New Beginning under your leadership and so take back our world – I know of one such location just waiting for us to claim it. Please count me in on your team and let us take up where we left off at the Laughlin, Nevada meeting a few weeks ago With sincere appreciation for all that you are accomplishing to me this a better world. Star

    • pzk Reply

      Hi Star, thank you for your support and beautiful words of encouragement! This is Chris, Daniel Sheehan’s web administrator, and I too am seeing long lag times and issues with a few of our sites… I am contacting our web host now to get to the bottom of it, hopefully it will clear up your issues as well. I will add your e-mail to our New Paradigm e-mail list so you stay in the loop as the process evolves.


  4. Wesley Feller-Lawson Reply

    Hi Chris

    My names Wesley and I’m from Woodstock, IL. I’m craving for more and have felt so lost since i graduated highschool two years ago. But, feeling lost hasn’t made me unhappy I have a very strong sense that my future isn’t suppose to be the average 9-5 job everyday and so forth. I am ready to make moves towards establishing a trustworthy group of people that can spread the word but with EVIDENCE. Any advice you can give me to help propel me in the right direction is greatly appreciated. People just wont believe it unless they see it. Aliens have to be the key to a new understanding of what our true purpose is and just look around anybody can see that there are many unimportant things that we are using our time for. I have plenty of time.

  5. Wesley Feller-Lawson Reply

    Hello Chris,

    I think my last comment had an error and I don’t know if it got published.
    My names Wesley and I’m from Illinois. I have a strong feeling that aliens are the key to us understanding our true purpose. With all these non-important issues on Earth I would like advice on how to bring in REAL EVIDENCE and be able to show the people that there is a higher purpose of why were here. After all seeing is believing and I have no information on what to do to obtain this evidence of aliens that I’m needing.
    Please help anyway you can, it could form my future.

  6. Dyanne Gavin Reply

    Hello and Good Day,
    I have been watching and studying all of the Daniel Sheehan lectures and interviews I can find. I have also been watching and studying Dr. Steven Greer’s work. I have signed the petitions and re-posted them to my Facebook page repeatedly.
    I LIVE ON the S.F. Peninsula and would like to know if I can volunteer any of my services. I have 7 1/2 YEARS OF COLLEGE in education, speifically literacy, life science, math, English and business! I am currently not employed due to extenuating circumstances.
    So, therefore, I would like to know if there is anything I can do to help your cause(s).

    • pzk Reply

      Dear Dyanne,

      Thank you for your interest in the New Paradigm Institute. We are collecting resumes at info@newparadigminstitute.org, and are just beginning to look at possibilities for faculty at our upcoming Berkeley – based project. It’s going to be an exciting year!


  7. Cat Reply

    Dear Mr. Sheehan,

    I have just joined etletstalk.com and understand that the New Paradigm Institute will be opening in Berkeley this year. (Wonderful & Congratulations!) I live in/near Berkeley and would be interested in learning in what capacity I might serve. Is there a specific avenue available to follow up on this? I cannot seem to locate an application.

    Blessings & gratitude~

    • pzk Reply

      Dear Cat,

      Thank you for your interest in the New Paradigm Institute and the “new worldview initiative.” We are collecting resumes at info@newparadigminstitute.org, and are still figuring out a lot of details… It’s going to be an exciting year!


  8. jonah Reply

    I will work on a short white paper to submit to the paradigm institute regarding
    MY PERSPECTIVE ON ET, in collusion with the Introduction i am writing for my online book,
    The Alien Agenda. It will be mercifully short and to the point.

    Jonas the Prophet
    Sedona Arizona USA


  9. Anthony Reply

    Please send me an eMail to allow my sharing of a new World View that Daniel Sheehan calls for. Currently working on a long view for sustainable solutions to our predicaments. Very happy to help in whatever way I can. And I appreciate this organization tremendously.

    • pzk Reply

      Dear Anthony,

      Thank you for your interest in the New Paradigm Institute and the “new worldview initiative.” We are collecting information at info@newparadigminstitute.org, and are just beginning to look for collaborators and allies. It’s going to be an exciting year!


  10. Richard O'Connor, M.D. Reply

    Dear NPI,
    I wish to send a resume to the NPI as my application to serve as a volunteer during NPI’s upcoming “new worldview initiative” to be held in Berkeley this fall. I need to know what mailing address will be best one to use for this purpose, realizing that NPI may be transitioning between addresses now or in the near future.
    Thanks for your reply.

    • pzk Reply

      Dear Richard,

      Thank you for your interest in the New Paradigm Institute and the “new worldview initiative.” We are collecting resumes at info@newparadigminstitute.org, and are just beginning to look at possibilities for faculty and the board of directors. It’s going to be an exciting year!


  11. Wesley Feller-lawson Reply

    I was just wondering how to contact aliens. It would change my goals in life.

    • pzk Reply

      Hi Wesley,

      Sorry I did not respond to your older comments, our offices were closed for a few weeks around the holidays, and I am just catching up with the various comment streams. We are still in the formative stages of our New Paradigm Institute, and it is hard to think of a constructive way for you to contribute at the moment… as far as direct contact and evidence, do you know the CE-5 protocols developed by Dr. Steven Greer? Its worth a read: http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/ce-5-initiative/ I will put you on our e-mail list to stay in the loop as our website and Institute develop, and there may be a way for you to be more directly involved as the project grows.


  12. Wesley Feller-lawson Reply

    I appreciate it. Thank you for taking your time. I have looked up the information and I was just searching for more. I heard as long as you open your mind and show that you want to see them that they would show themselves. Is this true?

    • pzk Reply

      Along with focused meditation and physical/mental preparation… I have not yet experienced a CE-5 gathering, but will hopefully be attending one soon!

  13. steve jones/aka- Jonas the Prophet Reply

    Daniel Sheehan 21 Jan 2016
    New Paradigm Institute
    Berkeley, California


    Enclosed is my contribution to your project at the New Paradigm Institute. You probably won’t agree with it, but, who knows, maybe you will. I hope you will, at least, honor and respect my contribution regarding my perspective on ET nonetheless.

    I’ve been a social activist for many years (see my bio at the end of all my online books), as i know you have been these past many years. In this high regard, i believe we are on the same page.
    I just see the resolution to the many crises’ in human and celestial affairs in a different light, perhaps. Everybody is seeing and experiencing things from different perspectives and angles.
    Yet, i’m sure you will agree that it is in the diversity of all viewpoints that the truth can ultimately be found. That is why i always honor different, and many times, controversial perspectives on subjects of interest. I have made intellectual and spiritual 180 degree turnarounds more than once in my lifetime.

    This subject of aliens and ET’s is a very lofty intellectual and spiritual inquiry. As i noted in my submission (below), it is a gateway issue into many exciting and cutting edge intellectual, technological and spiritual perspectives and developments on Earth. Time travel, telepathy, teleportation, interdimensional and supra-dimensional life and intelligence, non-human/non-physical life forms, hyperdimensional physics, scriptural eschatology, consciousness, advanced cosmic civilizations, soul evolution, life after death, remote viewing, the quest for immortality etc… are all extremely fascinating subjects to behold and to pursue. One thing is for sure, these are definately exciting, enlightening and revolutionary times to be living in!

    The overall thrust of my submission incorporates and includes most, if not all, of these issues. Yet, they
    would have to be fleshed out in due course, obviously. Lastly, it is my sincere hope that this submission will add an important plank
    into the discussion regarding our collective ability as a species to come to grips with ET.


    Steve Jones
    aka- Jonas the Prophet
    Sedona Arizona


    ***NOTE- For more background and detail on my perspective on ET and other tangential issues, i refer you to my “online bookz” section in the above website link. This submission is also the introduction to my latest online book entitled, “The Alien Agenda”.


    The alien, ufo, extraterrestrial enigma is a gateway phenomenon that opens doors to many of life’s most existential questions regarding life and the nature of reality. Mankind’s purpose, destiny and evolution as a species is intimately entwined in his search for life beyond earth.
    The search for a new paradigm of human existence has evolved and spread its creative inquiry into many areas of spiritual, scientific and intellectual pursuit. Some of these vectors include: remote viewing, out of body experiences, near death experiences, psychic and paranormal phenomenon, lucid dreaming, the quest for immortality, astral travel, time travel, teleportation and the development of a coherent scientific new physics that points to the fact that we live in a multidimensional universe.
    On the outer, more dense physical level, this quest has been translated into the search for exoplanets, the development of anti-gravitic and hyperdimensional space craft and travel and, of course, the search for life extension technology in the hopes of merging man with machine, otherwise known as transhumanism.
    After much research, meditation and discernment regarding the world’s scientific and spiritual pursuits, I have come to the conclusion that we are primarily embedded in a monotheistic (belief in one God) cosmology of creation and evolution. This is not to discount or disregard the truths, laws, paths, teachings and enlightenment found in Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism etc… however, i believe that the highest fullfillment and discovery of ultimate truth is to be found primarily in the great monotheistic texts and religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

    * * *

    Scientifically, I have come to the conclusion that the entirety of all monotheistic scripture, religion and faith collectively comprises the revelation, existence and proof of a highly advanced extraterrestrial civilization intervening in the destiny and affairs of mankind. This truth represents a quantum leap, or revolution, in human consciousness and perception, unifying both science and religion in the common quest and confirmation of life and existence beyond our world.
    On the ground, this has translated into numerous sightings of UFO’s, ET craft and hyperdimensional apparitions over the years. However, it is my conclusion that the majority of these experiences are demonic in nature and originate within the fallen angelic hierarchy of angels who fell with Lucifer in the Fall as recorded in all monotheistic scripture.
    Yes, these sightings and experiences are highly intelligent, embued with superior cunning and craft, and are most likely able to harness the hyperdimensional attributes of the multiverse to their own full advantage. The jury is still out though, from my perspective, on the nature of the “craft” they seem to be operating out of. It is possible they transport themselves in highly advanced hyperdimensional super-luminal craft, however, this could be a deception. They could be using this image to mask or hide their real appearance and take on a more terrestrial cloak so as to mimic many of the highly advanced terrestrial ‘black budget’ anti-gravitic craft that have been developed by the military-industrial-intelligence-security complex these past decades.
    Regarding exopolitics and our relations with these beings, I believe Alfred Webre and his books detailing his understanding of the “Omniverse” is particularly revelatory and pertinent to our evolving consciousness in this new paradigmatic cosmological understanding. Mr Webre has theorized that in addition to a physical universe embedded within a multidimensional multiverse, there also exists a highest dimensional spiritual universe of sorts that includes supra-dimensional extraterrestrial life forms, as well as an all encompassing “all that is” reality that factors in the existence of a supreme being, or God.
    Hence, the configuration of an Omniverse of cosmic creation- all inclusive, all encompassing and holographically omnipresent everywhere at all times. The physical, interdimensional and supradimensional spiritual domains are all included in this new omniverse cosmology.

    * * *

    In my estimation, the ET’s or aliens we are witnessing today externalizing into our physical space/time continuum originate within the fallen angelic kingdom, which is primarily based in a higher hyperdimensional plane of existence (from the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions if one recognizes a 7th dimensional multiverse model). They are dark, malevolent, treacherous, malicious, cunning, highly intelligent and insidiously evil to the very core, of this there can now be no doubt. Their task has been to not only feed off the psychic energy of terrestrial mankind, but to direct its evolution towards a state of being completely contrary to the natural evolutionary impulse and trajectory as provided by the Creator (God). Thus, it must be duly noted that the true Alien Agenda of our time is one of deceit, deception and ultimate destruction on a massive scale with regards to humanity’s future.
    Masking themselves as benevolent aliens, ET’s and interdimensional beings from distant star systems (which may very well be true, depending on the level of quarantine they are under) they are, in fact, devils and demonic creatures of the highest order- that includes both light and dark catagorizations. It must always be remembered that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Today, they are hell-bent on enslaving humanity- with the coming “mark of the beast” (see Revelations 13)- through the humans they control, overshadow and influence, particularly via the upper echelons of the International Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel based in the European Union, the projected HQ of future world government.
    There will be NO PEACE on this planet until ALL of these fallen angelic creatures are overthrown and permanently removed from off the face of this planet for all time. The Kingdom of Heaven, the most highly advanced alien or ET interdimensional/supradimensional civilization in known existence- from which the fallen Luciferian angelic rebellion came forth- is slated to completely overthrown and punish (in Hell) those fallen alien/extraterrestrial beings who have caused so much pain, suffering, misery, death and destruction among mankind these past many millennia. Judgement Day is the appointed time for all. This has been written down, prophesized and recorded all throughout monotheistic scripture; in the Torah, the Gospel and the Koran, as well as in the Book of Enoch.

    * * *

    In conclusion, the Alien Agenda before us presents Mankind with its very first CONTACT with extraterrestrial life. Albeit, demonic, malevolent and fallen, it is first contact nonetheless. It is my humble opinion that this new ET contact motif will be used to unify Mankind at the end of days. These fallen creatures will be seen as “gods” come down to rescue a fallen and self-destructive humanity and will most likely be embraced by the majority as such. Hence, an emerging platform for an alien savior to arise, proclaim himself “god” on the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and bring all to serve, honor and ultimately worship him as such. There can be no other doubt that this will be the dreaded Antichrist found in the Book of Revelations.


  14. jonah Reply

    ***Followup: Here is a good online video that supports and further enumerates my angels/demons ET perspective thesis.
    Its called, Demonic Alien Agenda: https://youtu.be/QJ22mk9SHIM
    I don’t agree with all of it (its quite fundamentalist and right wing oriented) , but its helpful in gaining more light on this subject from my perspective. Peace.

  15. Michael K Marsden Reply

    Just starting to learn about all of this very important work. Always a curious open minded student.

  16. Giorgio Piacenza Reply

    The work of Emeritus Professor (of Philosophy and Comparative Religions) Archie J. Bahm should be considered in relation to establishing that major metaphysical views underlying many of the most recognized cultural paradigms & worldviews are complementary and mutually necessary in a very mathematical and visualizable manner when seen together. I think this would be a highly useful heuristics for the New Paradigm Institute. By using a “Both-And” type of logical thinking based on his studies of Taoism, Dr. Bahm (now deceased) found what could be considered as a universal metaphysical symmnetry bringing eight metaphysical views underlying worldviews amenable to being represented under a symmetrical chart. He found that all of them were required to complete the chart and for each other to exist. I’m referring to Vedantism, Neutral Monism, Creationism, Dualism in one vertical axis and Idealism/Spiritualism, Emanationism, Emergentism, Materialism in another perpendicular horizontal axis. The extreme positions complementing each other respectively being Vedantism and Dualism in the vertical axis and Spiritualism and Materialism in thhe horizontal axis with Neutral Monism and Creationism (Boodin’s participatory creationsim) occupying intermediate positions in the vertical axis and Emanationsim and Emergentism occupying intermediate positions in the horizontal axis. What unites them Both in a transcending way And in an including way is the transrational position at at the center of the diagram, a position Bahm called “Organicism” but should not be confused with the philosopher Whitehead’s own “Organicism.”

    This is a major long-term-useful contribution for a more mature humanity discovering that some of the most important underlying metaphysical explanations about what reality is and is made of, that is, metaphysical explanations backing up several particular worldviews, religions, philosophies and doctrines by which a great many people traditionally find meaning and abide, are all EQUALLY NECESSARY. Thus, eight previously incompatible and relevant metaphysical explanations about the nature of reality are harmonized.

    This finding operates under a post Aristotelian, post classical logic that uses an included middle but which, nonetheless, remains consistent and coherent; in fact, it may represent a superior and more inclusive logic capable of utilizing excluded middlem, classic Aristotelian logic when necessary but also surpassing it. The limits of Organicism seem to be the need to rely on contingent existence and contingent experiential existence in order to remain consistent and coherent. In my view it is a necessary step before moving on to a more advanced “neither-nor” (neti-neti) logic that leads to the realization of non-duality and to a very profound recognition of God which in practical epistemological and ontological terms can be understood as a third person intelligence, a second person sacred “other” and a first person Consciousness-Being, as Aquinas would probably agree, not just creator but as continuous primordial sustainer of all contingent forms of being and awareness. The latter would also imply that we never leave this Absolute and that both the concepts of emanation and of creation ex nihilo would be compatible.

    Interestingly, all contingent existence, existence based on duality across various coarser and subtler cosmic levels in what could still be called “The Great Chain of Being” would manifest along three major domains of Body, Mind and Spirit, themselves distributed under Four Main Expressions of Existence or “Quadrants” (this particular under Ken Wilber’s “Integral Theory”). And these four quadratic subdivisions (subjectivity, intersubjectivity, objectivity, interobjectivity) would have been variously recognized and/or intuited with varying degrees of accuracy by different people’s at different times and places. Said differently, we would have the beginings of a more encompassing, universal world philosophy considering not just by the “quadrants” but all the aforementioned philosophical elements.

    The creation of a worldview respectful of previous worldviews and sympathetic with the extraterrestrial presence as well as capable of providing cultural orientation for a more harmonious planetary society would have to consider the aforementioned philosophical elements and many others. This worldview would have to be open-ended and integrate adequately with scientific discoveries and emerging theories such as “The Quantum Hologram.” It would have to include comparative rational theology, life-after death research and findings, retrocausality, telepathy and discoveries such as non-locality overcoming classic spacetime restrctions and human presentiment overcoming classic experiential causality.

    I’ m a sociologist, born in Perú who studied at Georgetown University and I’m a philosopher who studied Integral Theory at John F. Kennedy and always keep trying to self-educate myself as an independent thinker. I’m also currently an advisor to the Exopolitics Institute and to The Foundation for Research on Extraterrestrial Encounters. If at all possible, I would really like to contribute to the success of the New Paradigm Institute ongoing conversations and goals.

  17. Margaret Reply

    I just want to express my deepest gratitude to Daniel Sheehan for carrying the torch as he does. It lightens the world and lifts my spirit. Peace be with you all.

  18. Ricky C Butterfass Reply

    Hello Daniel,

    I talked with you at BJ’s during a late supper, in Boulder, Colorado, after your Boulder Expo presentation. If you recall I was Disclosure Project staff with Dr. Greer working the National Press Club news conference in 2001.

    I have been leading CE-5 trainings around the country and around the world the last couple years. We have been very successful with meeting ET, interacting with them and in March 2016 in New Zealand we had face to face contact and full materialized craft on the ground.

    In my training rough draft outline “Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth” I talk about how we can manifest the transformation with ETI with thought with what a call the “Universal CE-5 of Unified Bonded Intent”. ET has responded by pledging their allegiance to this intent for the best that Earth and humanity can be as was taught to us by all the master teachers that have gone before us showing us the was.

    Porth of the CE-5 protocols involve remote viewing. My approach has been using visualization to aline the 7 body chakras and the 5 astral body chakras in scalar terms as you said in your presentation octave by octave using thought as the carrier wave of our unified intent. With the chakras being tuned with light work by connecting with the Universal Singularity or Godhead being the golden white light source of creation and the different color rays tuning the 12 chakras into alinement. We create a circular flow tuned into the Universal Singularity source though our spiritual body and physical body as an anchor to the local space-time connecting the anchor point to the Earth’s core or heart chakra. I call this the marriage between Heaven and Earth enabling the spiritual and physical transformation of Earth for Earth’s ascension to the next octave level of beingness.

    When this happens there will be a Cosmic ripple effect. A wave that lifts all ships but in this case raising all planets. The benefit ET receives in helping us manifest the ascension of the whole Earth.

    I am including a portion of my training pdf file here on the thought carrier octave of manifestation. A theory ET has responded to in Hessdalen Valley Norway last summer and the South Island of New Zealand in March this year 2016. I have video post of these encounters on Facebook, in case you would like to view the ET response? If you like I can also e-mail you the pdf outline of my CE-5 training. Below is part of the scalar thought visualization of unified intent:

    >>In Vedic, teachings everything is name and form.
    The word “Apple” is the, resonate tone, in scalar wave, form in the local space-time morphogenetic field,
    that is the reality of the, apple’s being. It has three dimensions, height, width, and depth (elementary 3-D)
    and exists moment to moment in local space-time. Time is the fourth dimension.
    In, the reality case of the Apple. The word (Apple) is not just a 3-D sound wave in the air, but also a
    resonating thought, scalar-wave in the morphogenetic field in time and space (space-time) until it
    changes form or tone manifesting into reality at critical mass.
    Therefore, to manifest the word (Apple) is not, projected, into sound, using air as the carrier wave. The
    word, Apple, is, projected, into the morphogenetic field with thought being the scalar carrier wave and the
    Apple will sublime into beingness. When it attains critical mass and reaches resonance harmony with the
    local space-time or Causality, a real Apple can be, made manifest into reality.
    This is, more or less, what happens in scientific terms in creating manifest reality. Some may call this a
    miracle. When one reaches the fifth state of spiritual beingness or at Cause, as presented by George W.
    Meek in his research data. One at Cause has cause and effect over their spiritual and physical
    environment. Having no duality doubt one can manifest into being, an apple if he/she chooses. The
    Vedic Avatars live at Cause. It is their state of beingness. Being at Cause, they can manifest into
    Jesus was an Avatar as are others written about in scriptures. He changed the water into wine and fed
    the multitudes with a few fish and loaves of bread, etc.
    Speaking a chant or mantra resonates, tunes and aligns the body and its chakras. Doing so is scalar,
    raising the energy level of the physical body up. It, also, opens one up more to spiritual enlightenment.
    We need to resonate, tune, and align the spiritual body. We should look at this as energy levels. Think on
    the atomic level. An atom has energy shells. Our body is in the first, Astral, energy shell or level.
    In scalar, terms think musical scale Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Te. Then Do is the transition int the next
    higher octave or energy shell level starting the scale over again. This higher octave state of being is our
    spiritual/spirit world body. Therefore, we align and tune it with thought words not spoken words.
    As spiritual beings, we can tune into the Celestial and Cosmic/God Head through scalar spiritual energy
    levels with thought intent. Those whose beingness is already there at Cause will assist us with our right
    action and intent and because of it. What the whole process we are doing is co-creation with them
    standing with us, ET included.
    The, particular mantra “Im Na Mah” is spoken to be heard once (or more) as it were to tune the local
    body to the word form to be transformed into thought word.
    Then we raise the mantra to the Crown chakra in thought word raising it up the next octave energy level
    into the spirit body chakras, then going higher raising the mantra Universal, Celestial, to the Cosmic God
    Head. When we do this together in spiritual bonded form, around the Earth, then the scalar energy
    increases exponentially up by 10^3 power or more, for each person bonding together (mind, body, spirit).
    Setting global bonded intent and projecting it as a two-way flow into the Universal Singularity. One can
    see the increased potential for intended transformation as one unified and bonded together on every
    (I did this meditation with the Colorado CE-5 team on September 7, 2013, during the Global CE-5 event.
    An ET craft materialized, within 5 minutes after doing this meditation, in the Northwest at 45 degrees
    moving on a straight and level track to the Northeast. It slowed gave light signals upon arrival. I returned
    their signal with a laser and the craft signaled again. One of the team members connected with it in
    thought asking it to signal again. The craft replied and I returned a laser light signal.)<<

  19. jonas the prophet Reply

    1 July 2016

    QUESTION for Danny:

    Can we gain access to some of the topics, panel discussions and insights of the experts that are being brought together within the New Paradigm Institute? I’m thinking of terms of online mp3/mp4 formats perhaps… Thanx.

    (i’ll post the question in the discussion section of the Romero Institute and New Paradigm Institute’s websites as well)


    Jonas the Prophet
    California USA
    (I have another question on interdimensional ET craft, but i’ll save that for later…..)


  20. skj Reply

    Hi NPI- July 7 2016

    You need to put your physical US postal address somewhere on your website.
    Its berkeley, California, correct?
    i also recommend you put on some sort of e-mail CONTACT address as well.

    • pzk Reply

      The address of the Romero Institute is 740 Front St. Suite 265, Santa Cruz CA 95060. A good e-mail to contact the New Paradigm Institute is info@newparadigminstitute.org. The talks in Berkeley will be hosted by Theology schools on “Holy Hill”, and we are vetting potential participants for the talks and helping to plan and facilitate the talks.

  21. hanno Reply

    Not a forum comment: your link provided in the confirmation email is sending me to guitarfish.com.

    • pzk Reply

      Thank you for the heads up! I recently changed the e-mail list to a different system, and apparently did not set all the values properly.

  22. Donald John Beauchamp Reply

    “Chris” per
    Mr. Daniel Sheehan 21 Jan 2016
    New Paradigm Institute
    Berkeley, California

    Greetings from Alberta Canada,
    As my wife and I have been engaged in online media news outlets , this certainly seems the silly season for viewing admittedly entertaining -but rather pathetic- democratic election procedures . For all our human family, residing on this ” third stone from the sun” (thank you Mr. Jimi Hendrix), it would be most interesting, would it not, to be enabled to discover how representative governments just might be functioning on, say, a neighbouring planet? You may call this science fiction or future fact, but by all means… do ENJOY comparing and contrasting the following information to what now exists presently, toward a potential new political paradigm. The data which follows may be listened to, or read….CHEERS !

    From “Development Of The State” (Paper 71, URANTIA Book) http://uversapress.com/audio-urantia-book/ub-sections/ppr071_2.html

    PS. Please enjoy the further detailed overview of Paper 72, entitled “Government On A Neighbouring Planet” as well. http://uversapress.com/audio-urantia-book/ub-sections/ppr072_0.html

    ( Please note that the highly esteemed Father Gabriel Jose Funes may already be familiar or been “read into” some or all of the diverse topical theological datasets contained in The Vatican Archives’ copies of The URANTIA Book. From what I’ve viewed online, he seems a most compassionate and astute personality as colleague of Mr. Daniel Sheehan. I presume both of their collaborative spiritual journeys into the post-Contact items in theology and philosophy can only benefit from their mutual collaborations)

  23. Robert J Castagna Reply

    What can interested attorneys in Chicago area do to help advance the cause? Was a state Catholic Conference director for more than 2 decades working in the public policy arena on a consistent ethic of life basis, across the spectrum of issues based on Catholic Social Teaching, for justice and peace and in defense of human life. Please advise.

  24. jonas Reply

    hi friends oct 31 2016

    recently found a wonderful talk dr steven greer did in 2016.
    it sums up alot about his life,s work and perspectives on the et question.
    see url:

    its 3 1/2 hours long, but well worth a listen.

    steve jonea
    aka-jonas the prophet
    lake isabella, calirornia


  25. Giorgio Piacenza Reply

    I think that the process of assimilating D(d)isclosure in society requires the development of a more evolved cultural basis or at least would benefit from the development and greater social influence of what Attorney Daniel Sheehan calls an “8th Paradigm Worldview.” If ETs are demonized by reactionary, ultra conservative politics, it could be a mess. Then again, D(d)isclosure itself (wheter official or grassroots-based) would be stimulated by the development of that 8th Paradigm Worldview.

    On the Post Contact Worldview – On the Eighth Paradigm Worldview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMm0v1IdOlc

    Regarding the creation of an 8th Paradigm Worldview, through which to politically and culturally organize ourselves to process the reality of an intelligent extraterrestrial presence, I think it also has to go hand in hand with the capacity to think in more complex and essential ways.

    Furthermore, besides the creation of an 8th Worldview that seem to be located on the left of the worldview spectrum, we need to find value of the other worldviews which won’t simply go away by magic. We would need to learn to find common truiths underlying all or most worldviews in the spectrum of worldviews originated by Talcott Parsons as human solidarity may be a requisite to be admitted into a cosmic community.

    Worldviews also depend on metaphysical suppositions abot what reality is like and to find commnon patterns we would need to think in the most uniquye ways possible…perhaps as Archie Bahm was doing with his “Organicism” before he dies.

    Besides this we would need to consider individual developmental levels and how individuals are more naturally inclined to some worldviews instead of others according to their own psychological predispositions and self-identities associated with their own developmental psychological levels, especially if humans are born with right-wing and left-wing tendencies as the research by Johnathan Haidt and other cognitive moral psychologists demonstrate).

    These are important conisiderations required to construct the most suitable post D(d)isclosure worldview or perhaps to expand on the Eighth Paradigm Worldview already being discussed about by the New Paradigm Institute coordinated by Daniel Sheehan.

    Interestingly, the Eighth Paradigm Worldview SEEMS to be located on a left wing and pro-liberal orientation or to the left of a series of worldviews associated to the politcal spectrum but, would this location (from a purely conceptual appreciation) serve as a basis to de-polarize our current fanatical worldview competition?

    I think that we have to look deeper in order to find a way of understanding and interpreting reality that – while not being nihilistic and relativistic nor absolutist – doesn’ t unintentionally lend itself to further cultural polarization as we are experiencing in the U.S. and the world today.

    The Eighth Worldview would have to be outside of but also inclusive of all the other worldviews. Not forced to compete with the other worldviews but instead be all-embracing in a healthy way.

    The necessary Paradigm Worldview would have to truly be comprehensive, eventually even beyond what the most recognized, current Integral Theory, Complexity Theory and Transdisciplinary thinkers propose. maybe it shouldn’t be misjudged as a left-wing, liberal position among the Parsonian series of worldviews placed along a Left-Right horizontal line.

    Since the complexity of today’s world cannot be exclusively processed in a politically healthy manner under modern materialist, current linear thinking worldviews, selfigh, relativist, cynical individualists or absolutist fanatics or exclusively processed under premodern, faith-based, authority-based thinking.

    In terms of worldview creation the Institute for Cultural Evolution led by Steve McIntosh also has some interesting proposals to consider and to promote the depolarizing of clashing political perspective in America.

    There are integrative cultural creatives whose ideas can be of great help even if they have shown little interest in the extraterrestrial issue. Some of them are Ken wilber, Edgar Morin, Fritjoff Schuon, Archie J. Bahm, Ervin Laszlo and Basarab Nicolescu.

    I’ve come to think that being interested in the issue of evidence of an extraterrestrial presence iand its political and cultural cosnequencues and to do something about it might be either genetically determined or genetically activated, perhaps in some cases after some form of contact experience.

    It has also seemed to me that an easy-going relations or a tense relation with the extraterrestrial and other “otherworldly” realities has run deep across all cultural and psychological developmental levels in all regions of the world and that, for this reason, it is like an ongoing denied “shadow” transmitted across generations and from one level of development to another in the history of humanity. This is not to say that this ‘uneasiness’ may not be overcome, but it may largely depend on how we use our feelings and the power of our consciousnesses to counteract the fearmongering prevalent in popular ‘entertaining’ visions of the paranormal and the otherworldly, including ET’s. I think that we need to facilitate this education and cultural awakening in a more comprehensive way considering many factors.

    These and other issues need to be seriously considered to facilitate the cultural environment suitable for D(d)isclosure. The New Paradigm Institute is a great effort that brings hope in order to achieve this.
    Giorgio Piacenza

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