This worldview is not yet fully realized by our human family, although there are examples throughout history of individuals attaining it, people who we think of as prophets, messiahs.  Some of the ideas behind this Eighth Paradigm Worldview are explored further at Open Skies Ministries.

Pillars of Belief

The Cosmological Question:

How did our physical universe first come into being, and what are the physical laws that govern its past, present, and future functioning?

Among the very minuscule number of individual human beings who have ever gained access to The Eighth Paradigm of human experience among the 12 Billion human beings who have lived over the past millions of years, these few Fully Realized human beings have come to realize that the physical universe which we “see”, “touch”, “taste”, “smell” and “hear” is fully and completely subject to “Intention.”

This means that such Fully Realized human beings can alter the Natural Laws of our physical Universe.  Such Fully Realized human beings can manifest physical mass out of simple Energy Fields. They can turn one element of physical matter into a different element of physical matter.  They can levitate; They can walk on water; They can change water into wine; They can manifest bread & fish; They can heal the sick simply by touching them. Indeed, they can raise the dead to life.

BUT, there have been only a very few of these Fully Realized Beings. But they have existed. And one or more probably exist in the world today.  Said few Fully Realized human beings can move their conscious energy between the Eighth Paradigm vibrational frequency within our octave of Being and the first “vibrational frequency” of the next octave of Being which exists within our physical Universe.

Thus the COSMOLOGY known to these few Fully Realized human Beings is a Cosmology within which there exist multiple vibrational fields (each field of which is made up of an “octave” of frequencies) which can be discerned [i.e. directly experienced] by living Sentient Beings who exist within that field via experiences which are analogous to “seeing”, “hearing”, “smelling”, “touching” and “tasting” but which are different than “seeing”, “hearing”, “smelling”, “touching” or “tasting.” And within these various fields (or spectrums) of frequencies, there exist certain Sentient Beings who can speed up or slow down those frequencies to cause them to manifest different experiences to the other Sentient Beings within that field of vibrations.

This COSMOLOGY is a huge (indeed Cosmic) fugue of experience – NOT just Sound; NOT just Light; NOT just Smell; NOT just tactile experience; NOT just Taste; NOT just differing experiences of Consciousness… BUT ALL OF THESE EXPERIENCES… AND MANY, MANY MORE.  Within this COSMOLOGY, there are “Sentient Actors”, functioning on an entire octave of “levels of Consciousness” all of whom directly effect the manifestations which occur within these bands of frequency… some effecting said vibrations greatly and consciously, some effecting said vibrations only minutely and with absolutely minimal consciousness.

This is a COSMOLOGY of fantastic vibrational harmonies, of periodic and localized vibrational cacophonies; of brilliant displays of beautiful colors, sounds, tastes, tactile sensations, smells, experiences of consciousness and other experiences entirely unknown to our human species…ALL of which are subject to varying degrees of control on the part of Sentient Beings of differing degrees of concentrated Consciousness throughout the Universe.

These harmonies generate overtones and undertones of sound, light, smell, tactile sensation, taste, and of Consciousness (therefore of BEINGS) and of the other experiences of which we human beings are totally ignorant…these overtones and undertones of BEING(S) themselves being capable of effecting the vibrational frequencies which they encounter…thereby generating additional overtones and undertones of experience….including additional overtones and undertones of other levels of BEING.

These fully realized human beings who have accessed this Eighth Paradigm of human existence have ALL come to share the uniform COSMOLOGICAL BELIEF that the sum total of ALL of the overtones and undertones of ALL of these experiences which are taking place within our physical Universe generate (and are generated by) ONE HUGE ALL-ENCOMPASSING OVERTONE OF CONSCIOUS BEING.

THIS is the COSMOLOGY of The Eighth Paradigm Worldview.

The Teleological Question:

Is there a specific direction in which our physical universe is unfolding, and if there is, what is the role of our human species, if any, in this unfolding?

It is the Teleological Belief…and teaching… of those few fully realized human beings who have accessed this Eighth Paradigm of human existence that this fugue of CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE ALWAYS IS and that its Teleology is symphonic… that is: this “fugue of Consciousness” progresses and regresses pursuant to principles which the fully realized human beings have attempted to convey to we other less Conscious human beings through the analogy of the principles of MUSIC. Symphonic music manifests the principles of the teleology of the Universe.

The Teleology of the Eighth Paradigm Universe is also mathematical, that is, it is: algebraic, geometric, algorithmic and calculus-like.  It is also spectral. But it is ALWAYS BEING.  Therefore, its Teleology is a matter of perspective. From within each band of vibrational frequency within the Universe, the Teleology of the Universe will appear differently… depending entirely upon the vibrational frequency from within which one experiences it.  But, in its ultimate Teleology, the Universe of The Eighth Paradigm is harmonic and symphonic. That is: It consists of wave-function sets, and the frequencies within that “set” are integral whole-number multiples of the frequency of one fundamental wave length which is contained within that “set.”

(See e.g. The Mysticism of Sound: The Cosmic Language by Hazrat Inayat Khan.)

The Ontological Question:

How did sentient consciousness come into being (especially human consciousness)?

It follows from the Cosmological and Teleological Beliefs of Adherents to The Eighth Paradigm Worldview that the Ontological Belief of Adherents to The Eighth Paradigm Worldview is that Consciousness within our physical Universe is a direct harmonic and symphonic OVER TONE wave function of the fundamental frequency of The Consciousness of The Cosmos… and the “Fundamental Frequency” of The Consciousness of The Cosmos is an overtone of The Fundamental Frequency of the single wavelength phenomenon which occurred between the first two SINGULARITIES (or voltage differentials) which occurred within the original (Eternal and Infinite) Sea of Entirely UN-differentiated CONSCIOUSNESS.[1]

Thus, simply put, Human Consciousness occurs within our physical Cosmos because its vibrational frequency is an integral whole-number multiple of the fundamental wave length of CONSCIOUSNESS OF OUR COSMOS.  This fundamental wavelength is, in turn, an overtone projected into our physical Cosmos of the Fundamental Frequency of the single Wave Length phenomenon which originally occurred between the first SINGULARITIES (or voltage differentials) which occurred within the original (Eternal and Infinite) Sea of Entirely Un-Differentiated CONSCIOUSNESS. But human consciousness is only one such whole-number multiple of the fundamental wave length of CONSCIOUSNESS OF OUR COSMOS. There are others. These others manifest as animals, plants, bacteria, molecules, atoms, all the way down to “Inchoate Quantum Fields,” indeed within every naturally-occurring entity in our physical Universe.  Each entity is the manifestation of CONSCIOUSNESS in ONE of its whole-number multiples of the ONE Fundamental Frequency.

The Epistemological Question:

What are the means by which we as human beings are capable of discerning the “facts” that constitute the answer to ultimate cosmic questions such as these?

Adherents to The Eighth Paradigm Worldview hold the Epistemological Belief that we, as human beings, possess eight biological senses (not just the five which Adherents to the four Center & Right of Center Worldviews believe we possess…and not just the six which Adherents to The Fifth Paradigm Worldview and Adherents to The Sixth Paradigm Worldview believe that human beings possess.)

Adherents to The Eighth Paradigm Worldview hold the Epistemological Belief that we, as human beings, possess one biological sense for each Chakra which exists within our human body. Adherents to The Eighth Paradigm Worldview believe that each such human Chakra generates a specific vibrational frequency within our human body which is an integral whole-number multiple of the Chakra which resides within our physical body immediately below that Chakra (from the base of our spine upward in our human body… all the way to the Eighth Chakra [which exists above our material body, at the high-point of the reach of one’s arm.]) Adherents to The Eighth Paradigm Worldview believe that each of these seven internal Chakras generates an egg-shaped “vibrational envelope” around our body and that these seven egg-shaped, Chakra-generated “envelopes” fits inside the envelope which is generated by the next higher frequency generated by the Chakra immediately above it. Adherents to The Eighth Paradigm Worldview believe that an Eighth Chakra exists at the apex of the seven concentric vibrational “eggs” which enclose our physical body, thus existing outside our material body.

Adherents to The Eighth Paradigm Worldview believe that these seven egg-shaped “vibrational envelopes” which surround our human body together generate an “OVER TONE” which sets up an EIGHTH vibrational field around the seven envelopes.

Adherents to The Eighth Paradigm Worldview believe that this Octave Set of vibrational fields (each of the eight vibrational frequencies is one whole-number multiple of the vibrational frequency of the field which is immediately inside and below it) together constitute an OCTAVE SET, the vibrational phenomenon of which actually precipitates our whole BEING out of the “Quantum Foam” which vibrates at one integral whole-number multiple rate of vibrational frequency above the rate of vibrational frequency of the Eighth Field of vibration (which is generated as an OVER TONE of the seven inter-acting vibrational frequencies which occur within the egg-shaped envelope formed around our physical body generated by the functioning of the Chakras within our body).

Adherents to The Eighth Paradigm Worldview believe that we, as human beings, have access to a unique biological experience by directing our Conscious human attention directly into each one of the discrete vibrational fields which are generated by each Chakra within our human body and/or by directing of conscious attention directly into each of the discrete vibrational envelopes which surround our human body. The unique experience which we access when we direct our conscious attention into each of these discrete vibrational fields within our body and/or immediately surrounding our body is ONE of our human senses. These are:

  • Smell” (within the vibrational field generated by our FIRST CHAKRA);
  • Taste” (within the vibrational field generated by our SECOND CHAKRA);
  • Sight” (within the vibrational field generated by our THIRD CHAKRA);
  • Touch” (within the vibrational field generated by our FOURTH CHAKRA);
  • Hearing” (within the vibrational field generated by our FIFTH CHAKRA);
  • INTELLECTUAL PERCEPTION” (i.e. the ability to distinguish the difference between [our “SELF” and other “things” and between one “thing” and an “other” thing] thus generating our experience of Self Consciousness and within the very same experience generating an apparent separateness from all of the rest of “Reality” out there, within the vibrational field generated by our SEVENTH CHAKRA);

Thus, it is the Epistemological Belief of Adherents to The Eighth Paradigm Worldview that we, as human beings, possess eight separate and distinct experiential sources by means of which we can gather, discriminate and then integrate data both inside and outside our physical Universe by means of which we can discern patterns manifesting within this sensory data, AND BY MEANS OF WHICH WE CAN (INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY) FUNCTION AS A CAUSATIVE SOURCE OF CHANGE WITHIN OUR PHYSICAL UNIVERSE.

Mode of Ethical Reasoning

Adherents to The Eight Paradigm Worldview believe that, once one has perfected the vibrational frequency of each of the EIGHT human Chakras which are located within one’s own physical body [2], one should direct one’s physical body (and all of one’s material and non-material vibrational fields) to the task of maintaining… or to re-integrating into symphonic harmony all of the disparate multiples of CONSCIOUSNESS occurring within the specific time period of the physically incarnated Life into which one finds oneself born within this physical Universe – because these multiples of CONSCIOUSNESS are supposed to be vibrating in symphonic harmony with one another as stepped whole-number multiples within ONE OCTAVE of the ONE fundamental wave length of THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF OUR COSMOS which is occurring within our physical Universe.[3]

Therefore, Adherents to The Eighth Paradigm Worldview believe that the ONLY truly ethical human conduct is conduct which is directed to the task of either bringing into perfect symphonic harmony ALL Eight of the Chakras within one’s own human body or (that having been already achieved) directing all of one’s conscious attention to the task of maintaining… or re-integrating into symphonic harmony all of the disparate multiples of Consciousness occurring in one’s world during one’s lifetime.

starburstThe Eighth Paradigm Cosmology necessarily implies that our physical Universe is filled with Intelligent, Sentient Life. The Latin root of the word “Intelligence” is intellectus, the ability to distinguish the difference between. Intrinsic to The Eighth Paradigm Cosmology, Intelligent Life exists within each band of vibrational frequencies, indeed, such Intelligent Life is the Conscious organizer of experience within each such band of vibrational frequencies. Thus, for there to be other Sentient, Intelligent Life Forms within our galaxy – who/which have developed technological means of entering the band of vibrational frequencies in which WE abide is entirely foreseeable, indeed likely.

Therefore, the fact that we, as human beings, have been encountering other mysterious Life Forms…which seem to come into our world from somewhere else is entirely compatible with the Cosmological assumptions of The Eighth Paradigm. And it is also entirely compatible with the Cosmological assumptions of The Eight Paradigm that these other Beings would display abilities significantly different from the physical abilities which we human beings are physically capable of performing, “trapped” as we are within the simple three dimensions of our limited physical experience.

[1] As to why this first singularity (or initial voltage differential) occurred within the theretofore otherwise Infinite And Eternal SEA OF UNDIFFERENTIATED CONSCIOUSNESS is the ultimate Teleological Question… or Question of Purpose and Ultimate Direction of Manifest Reality. (The ONLY sound answer for this question I have been able to discern is this: That this original dis-equilibrium was initiated by The Infinite & Eternal Sea of Un-Differentiated CONSCIOUSNESS because the ONLY WAY to improve upon the theretofore eternal and theretofore monolithic experience of ABSOLUTE & ETERNAL BLISS was to generate a temporary dis-equilibrium (the negative experience of which would have generated an increased dimension of “BLISS” to the prior State of ABSOLUTE & ETERNAL BLISS which had preceded that temporary negative experience. This is an extra- Cosmic explanation of the “purpose of evil” (disequilibrium or imperfection).

[2] until which point in time ALL of one’s human time and attention should be spent and directed toward the task of “perfecting” the vibrational frequency of ALL EIGHT of the Chakras located within one’s own physical body.

[3] which is, in turn, an OVER TONE projected into our physical Cosmos of The Fundamental Frequency of the single Wave Length phenomenon which originally occurred between the first two SINGULARITIES (or voltage differentials) within the original (Eternal and Infinite) Sea of Originally Entirely Un-Differentiated CONSCIOUSNESS.


  1. Susan Reply

    I do not see the following (Footnote # 81) and am extremely interested … [1] See Footnote # 81 below for an answer to the question of “The Ultimate Purpose” for the creation of the physical Universe

    Warm regards, and with gratitude, SG

    • pzk Reply

      Thank you for your interest and for the heads up! This material has been developed from an incomplete document written many years ago by Daniel Sheehan… I will dig through the document and talk with Danny further to get to the bottom of this and other loose ends.

      Romero Institute

  2. Giorgio Piacenza Reply

    Dear Mr. Sheehan: Your considerations for the characteristics of an Eighth Paradigm Worldview are interesting and – in my mind – very important as it really seems that humanity needs to create a worldview suitable to being able to constructively process an intelligent extraterrestrial presence besides the emergently distinct levels of complexity we are now living under in the planet. Furthermore, it also appears that we need reconciling worldviews suitable for most of us to learn to live together under greater not only of mutual tolerance but of solidarity in the world.

    But the needed worldview paradigm would also have to be adequately inclusive and reconciling of the main truths found under other worldviews and their discovery methods and this would be necessary while understanding that premodern, modern and postmodern cultural development-related worldviews (under various metaphysical theories) have all produced great discoveries. Moreover, according to Archie J. Bahm’s “Organicism,” at least eight formerly incompatible metaphysical prepositions can now be understood as inherently compatible and mutually necessary.

    While the Eighth Paradigm Worldview thus far proposed would be amenable to accepting intelligent life from elsewhere in the cosmos and from other levels of reality, I think that an even more complete, required worldview would have to integratively incoporate in a very careful manner many of the fundamental discoveries humankind has discovered, disclosed or revealed to itself operating under all other worldviews (some listed in the New Paradigm Institute and some not listed here). Besides this we would need to consider developmental levels and how individuals are more attracted to some worldviews according to their own self-identities associated with their own developmental psychological levels. Moreover the distinction between their right-wing and left-wing orientations has to be considered as co-existing among all major historical worldviews (especially if humans are born with right-wing and left-wing tendencies as the research by Johnathan Haidt and other cognitive moral psychologists demonstrate). These are important conisiderations required to construct the most suitable paradigm eworldview or to expand on the Eighth Paradigm Worldview.

    Interestingly, the Eighth Paradigm Worldview seems to be located on a left wing and pro-liberal orientation or to the left of a series of worldviews associated to the politcal spectrum but, would this location (from a purely conceptual appreciation) serve as a basis to de-polarize our current fanatical worldview competition? I think that we have to look deeper in order to find a way of understanding and interpreting reality that – while not being nihilistic and relativistic nor wide-eyed and absolutist – doesn’ t unintentionally lend itself to further cultural polatization as we are experiencing in the U.S. and the world today.

    The necessary Paradigm Worldview would have to be truly comprehensive, even beyond what the most recognized, current Integral Theory, Complexity Theory and Transdisciplinary thinkers propose. Furthermore, the Eighth Paradigm Worldview doesn’t have to be conceptually misjudged as a left-wing, liberal position among the Parsonian series of worldviews placed along the horizontal line.

    Since the complexity of today’s world cannot be exclusively processed in a politically healthy manner under modern materialist, linear thinking worldviews and institutions or exclusively processed under premodern, faith-based, tradition-based or authority-based, classic religious thinking and institutions and, since many postmodern criticisms also act as an extension of late modern rationality turning in against its own essentialist and logoic foundations (with deconstructionism and other philosophies promoting tolerance while also leaving little choice but self-assertion and the possibility to promote social chaos, especially affecting youngsters and individuals functioning pre-conventional ethical development levels).

    In terms of worlview creation the Institute for Cultural Evolution led by Steve McIntosh has some interesting proposals to consider and to promote the depolarizing of clashing political perspective in America. Dr. Johnathan Haidt also has some interesting proposals. However, both of them – like ken Wilber- have studied the findings of developmental psychology which, in my view, is fundamental in understanding why individuals place and maintain themselves under specific worldviews or move on to accept new ones. However, even if I do suggest to take a careful look into the work of these integrative cultural leaders (and to the work of other serious integrative thinkers like Edgar Morin, Fritjoff Schuon, Archie J. Bahm, Ervin Laszlo and Basarab Nicolescu), I recognize that they have apparently shown little interest in the intelligent extraterrestrial presence issue and that, for that reason, I’ve come to think that being interested in that and in other otherworldly issues, may be either genetically determined or genetically awakened, perhaps – in some cases – after some form of energetic activation and/or contact experience. It has also seemed to me that an easy-going relations or a tense relation with the extraterrestrial and other “otherworldly” realities has run deep across all culural and psychological developmental levels in all regions of the world and that, for this reason, it is like an ongoing denied “shadow” transmitted from one level to another in the history of humanity.

  3. Yasmin Dixon Reply

    The first singularity sounds very much like the Egyptian/khemitian concept of Nun. A founding philosophy of many of the schools of thought maintained by the Egyptian/Khemitian priesthood and taught in the “Houses of Life”–the complexity of which catalyzed the schism presented by the introduction of monotheism. Ken Wilbur’s ascending and descending worldview in terms of religion simplifies conceptually what the masses may potentially grasp as the basis for the perceptual grid of the 3D spacetime continuum, but I doubt it will filter up/down to the political substrata (too much ego). The Dogon priests of Africa are very specific in their description of extraterrestrial contact as well as their knowledge of the binary white dwarf star Sirius well before the invention of the telescope.
    The consensus of ignorance of all things African and its relegation to the status -still to this day- of the ‘dark continent’ may hold the key shedding some light on the acceptance of new paradigms and their eventual shift. When western civilization matures to the level of its technological achievements perhaps foreign words and concepts will be programmed into the increasingly artificially intelligent universe and no longer underlined in red.

  4. Donald John Beauchamp Reply

    Born into the Roman Catholic tradition, all of the many “Big” questions, including the ongoing challenges presented by the discoveries of present day space telescopes you present, have been revealed and explained through my reading (since 1973) of The URANTIA Book. Tonight I acknowledge spending many hopeful and encouraging hours with you, Mr. Sheehan, through your YouTube lectures. A thousand thankyous. I am certain that, if you have not yet been exposed to the diverse contents that encompass this alleged Fifth Revelation, the time may be right to peruse the reading (or revisit) any one of the diverse topics I include in the website location below.( URANTIA being the name of our planet). I wish you this wonderful tool in order to aid you especially in your further deconstruction of today’s theological and philosophical questions that will arise in the Post-Contact discussions within our human family, and our leaders. May God bless you richly throughout your quest. Here is a sampling of relevant datasets to stir even the hearts of exoplanetary citizens. (please see the Paper, “Life On An Inhabited Planet”. Blessings to you in your quest. For the moment, please go to

  5. jen amo Reply

    There are many groups, individuals and alternative media such as Gaia preparing us for disclosure. When the event (which may not happen in the way you think) happens we will be in a post disclosure/contact world and can not go back. The old paradigm folks will hold us back of course, but they cannot stop it, resistance is futile. The millenials will take us into the brave new world…so the open skies ministry needs to be developing, mentoring and including this group in establishing the foundation of the movement. This is an interesting concept and it needs to stay educational without dogma. What are your plans for growing the organization? What is the plan? Movies reach more people and when well done, change paradigms faster than any other means. good luck…keep me posted.

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